Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing

Chris’ Plumbing specializes in commercial plumbing issues involving with water lines, commercial drain cleaning, gas lines, tankless water heaters, rest rooms and more.

Commercial plumbing requires a broad set of tools, talent and experience. Our team knows how large building plumbing systems work. They have years of experience working with industrial-grade materials in challenging commercial settings. From high-rise buildings, stand-alone retail stores and busy restaurants, we can diagnosis and resolve commercial plumbing problems effectively and efficiently. Once we have diagnosed the issue, we have the latest equipment and well-stocked trucks to get the job done right and on time.

No one wants a table for two when a toilet is over-flowing. When a business has a plumbing failure, we know down time is measured in dollars. That’s why we offers prompt emergency service.

To avoid preventable failures we perform regular plumbing maintenance for buildings, retailers and restaurants. When repairs do need to be made, we schedule our work around business hours whenever possible.

Commercial plumbing

Water Lines

  • Water Line Installations

    Our commercial plumbers are pros at installing main waterlines for domestic, irrigation and fire mains of any size. We also specialize in adding backflow preventers to existing water lines.
  • Water Line Repairs

    Pressure testing existing lines exposes leaks. We repair all water lines no matter what material or size. We replace dangerous lead pipes as mandated under the lead free act.
  • Water Line Reroutes

    Leaks under the slab sound like a disaster. However, they can often be rerouted around the slab. When necessary, we can tunnel to make the repair or replace the damaged line.
  • Pipe Inspections

    Our modern video pipe inspection system takes the guesswork out of commercial pipe inspections. Our camera allows us to see inside pipes and trace the line right to the problem area. Pinpointing the exact location of buried clean outs reduces the amount of excavation needed to fix the problem. This efficiency can significantly reduce the cost of repair and damage to concrete and the surrounding landscape.
  • Under Slab Tunnelling

    Commercial plumbing failures under a slab are more than many plumbers can handle. We hydro tunnel right to the problem using a high-pressure water jet.
    A vacuum truck extracts the mud for quick, clean disposal and minimal damage to the surrounding landscaping. Once the necessary repairs are made pump sand is blown in and compacted to finish the job.

Drain Cleaning

  • Main Drains

    We have the latest equipment to clean commercial drains up to 36” in diameter. With the use of cables, pressure jets and video cameras we can ensure your commercial pipes are cleaned and in good condition.
  • Drain Cleaning – AC Lines

    In our tropical climate, air conditioners create substantial amounts of condensation. With the use of small cables and compressed air tools we can keep you’re A/C drains clear and your unit running when you need it the most.
  • Storm Drains

    Blocked storm drains can create a disaster during a sudden downpour. We are equipped with cables, pressure jets and video cameras to clear roof and parking lot storm drains up to 36” in diameter.

Gas Line Services

  • Installations

    Whether you are adding gas-powered equipment or appliances or getting new gas service, we can install commercial gas lines to your new construction or existing building.
  • Inspections

    If you suspect a gas leak or gas service has been turned off for a while, you’ll need an inspection. We inspect commercial gas lines to restore gas service and ensure safe use of your equipment.
  • Testing

    We are equipped to pressure or electronically test commercial gas lines. These tests ensure a line is delivering the proper flow of gas to equipment, as well as detect leaks.

Water Heaters

  • Tankless

    Today’s tankless water heaters use advanced technology to provide the fastest, most efficient method for heating water.
    Our technicians will consult with you to choose the right equipment for your commercial application. We also install and repair commercial tankless water heaters.
  • Traditional

    A commercial electric or gas tank water heater should last over 10 years. When it’s time to replace your conventional tank water heaters, we can consult with you on which  energy efficient model will be best for your commercial hot water needs. Our technicians also install and repair commercial tank water heaters.

Faucets, Toilets & Showers

  • Electronic Faucets

    Automated faucets are now the rule, not the exception, in public restrooms. Our technicians are factory trained to install and repair commercial electronic faucets.
  • Manual Faucets

    We specialize in the installation of manual faucets in commercial kitchens and mop rooms. Have a faucet problem? We repair them.
  • Electronic Toilets

    Our experienced technicians are trained to install and repair electronic flushometers and auto flush tank toilets.
  • Manual Toilets

    Have an old-school manual toilet giving your problems? Our technicians are trained to install and repair tank flush toilets.
  • Manual Showers

    We install new or repair existing showers for bathing, emergence showers and eye washes.
  • Garbage Disposals

    Large quantities of food or debris can overwhelm commercial garbage disposals. We repair or replace poorly performing or broken garbage disposals.
  • Hose Bib

    Hose bibs are widely-used valves for both residential and commercial access to water. Our technicians can install, replace or repair hose connections, regular hose bibs or wall hydrants.
  • Ice Makers

    We install water and drain lines for any size commercial ice makers for hotels, restaurants and businesses.

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